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DB3 rocks
DB3 rocks
DB3 rocks
DB3 rocks

Good Thing Gone Bad
©2003 - Renaissance Boy Recordings
June 25, 2003

Everything was the color of rust
And when the cops came in
you know they called it a bust
But it was more like Hiroshima
Yea, they took us all to the cleaners

I never thought that it would go down this way
It was a perfect plan but we got carried away
And all the kiddies got caught red-handed
Bloodied and abandoned

You know we let a good thing
A good thing go bad

My brain is full I gotta get it all out
I try to let it all go
But I'm starting to doubt my sanity
I know she's leaving me

And everything is wrong

Come on, baby, don't you do me that way
I told you everything that they told me to say
I wouldn't lie to you
It's just something that I got to do

I put a ten ounce bag in an aerosole can and I lie
I catch a flight to L.A. and trade the can for the pay to some guy
I take a little from the middle, just a little, they won't notice I'm shy
And in a couple of months we'll have enough set aside to get by

I know I promised a lot
But I was out of my head
I'd like to give it to you
But if I did I'd be dead
We couldn't run that fast or far
They always know where you are

It was good for a while but then it got out of hand
I tried to tell them I'd pay but they just don't understand
What I was telling them
They are the evil men

They know you got a good thing
A good thing and that's bad

Yesterday I was on top of the world
And now I'm shoveling dirt over a beautiful girl
Who was the best of me
But it's too late to see

That everything is wrong

You know I had a good thing
A good thing gone bad


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All music and lyrics written by Dan Beahm and performed by DB3.

copyright and pulished
renaissance boy recordings

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